The success in a case or project requires thorough analysis and documentation, attention to details, perseverance in finding solutions, identification of weak and strong points, anticipation of possible responses of the opposing party or even of the partners and finding solutions for them, and also a strong legal culture, based on a continuous training.



Once accepted a project or a case, their preparation is continuous, according both to the legislative amendments, change of jurisprudence or new views in the specialty literature, and also according to the changes in the socio-economic context. The attachment to the case or project, conducted in a professional manner, the proactive approach and the close collaboration with the client are the expression of a proper defense of our clients’ legitimate rights and interests.



Assuring confidentiality is not only a professional duty but also a trait of a lawyer. The long term collaboration that we have with most clients is due to the fairness and to finding the best solution, even in pecuniary terms. The honesty towards the client is more important than attracting it by taking over a case in which chances are not viable and the client does not afford to risk.