Qualified Lawyer

Lawyer cooperating with Papu George Individual Law Office (of counsel)

2000-2004 – Faculty of Law, “Babes-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca

2004-2006 – “Business Law in the Information Society” Master – Faculty of Law, “Ovidius” University, Constanta



2005-2007: Trainee lawyer in Bucharest Bar Association, supervisor: Papu George

2007-2008: Qualified lawyer, collaborator within “Papu George” Law Office, Bucharest Bar Association

2008-present: Holder of “Papu Viorel” Law Office, Constanta Bar Association,

2010-present: Of Counsel Papu George – Law Office


Besides the vast expertise in the private and public sector, his work always aims at individual or collective professional development, as he is a constant fighter for the freedom of expression and for the excellence in the lawyer’s profession, standing out in this respect by several interventions in the public space dedicated to legal sciences.

Since 2008, he has distinguished himself in the field of car tax litigations, winning over 100 cases of this kind.

His expertise includes litigation in the area of administrative and tax law (compensations, law 9/1998, cancellations of local council decisions, acquiring special allowances, tax appeals, canceling budgetary debts, exemption from special administrative fines of contentious administrative etc.), in the criminal law (exonerations in final analysis, abolitions of non-indictment ordinances, solutions for not commencing criminal prosecution, assisting the injured party etc.), in the area of family law (divorce with extraneity elements, divorce by agreement, without the presence of both spouses in court, presidential orders on child’s custody etc.), in the public or private general law (obtaining public information, maintaining concession contracts, public procurement assistance, judicial interdictions, exequatur, maintaining the advance payment under the pre-sail contract in case of non-performing the contract, finding the nonexistence of the loan agreement, debits recovery from insurance companies, evictions, etc.) in the inheritance law (heredity petitions, establishing the quality of sole heir etc.), in the land law (vesting of possession and issuing the ownership title, cancellation of ownership title etc.), in the property law (expropriation, claims, usucapio, real estate accessions, superficies, delimitations of property boundaries, partitions etc.), in foreclosure matters (appeals to enforcement, temporary suspension of foreclosure, cancellation of enforceable title etc.), in the area of commercial law (payment demands and orders, insolvency, oppositions to partner’s acts, etc.).


Participant to the following Colloquiums, Conferences:

  • “Business Law” International Conference 2011 – Organizers: Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, and Piperea & Asociatii – Bucharest, 13-14 May 2011.
  • The National Conference of the New Codes of Romania – Organizers: Faculty of Law, Universitatea de Vest, Timisoara, and the National Institute for the Training and Professional Development of Lawyers – Timisoara, 27-28 May 2011.
  • Knowledge, Understanding and Implementation of the new fundamental codes of Romania – Organizers: Constanta Bar Association and the National Institute for the Training and Professional Development of Lawyers – Constanta, 24-25 June 2011.


Published Articles

  • Acquiring the quality of manager of a joint-stock company, in Revista de Dreptul Afacerilor, issue 8/2004. (read the article, to read the article click “zoom in”)
  • Legal means to recover the first registration tax, on juridice.ro and in Revista de Dreptul Afacerilor, issue 7-8/2008. (read the article, to read the article click “zoom in”)
  • Measures having equivalent effect to quantitative restrictions at import: used car. EC Commission c. Austria (Case C-524/2007). The conduct of the Romanian state executive body in the field, on juridice.ro. (read the article, to read the article click “zoom in”)
  • The legal nature of the acts underlying cashing the pollution tax. Consequences and behaviors. The relevance of establishing the legal nature to the national court, on juridice.ro and within the Colloquium “Car Tax under Community Law”, organized by the Centre for European Legal Studies of the Romanian Academy, on 20.03.2009. (read the article, to read the article click “zoom in”)
  • On the need to change art. 57 of Law no. 51/1995. Debating the issue of practicing illegal lawyer’s profession, on juridice.ro and within the debate on amending the Law on lawyer’s profession of 19.03.2009, held at Parliament House. (read the article, to read the article click “zoom in”)
  • Procedural and execution issues preliminary to effective recovery of the special car tax in “Curierul Fiscal” issue 8-9/2011 and on juridice.ro. (read the article, to read the article click “zoom in”)


contact: www.viorelpapu.ro